Sunday, June 1, 2008

4 down 1 to go

The second is Hunter done.

A shot of the pair.

Darn it I forgot to paint the fingers on the SC hunter, I'll have to go and fix that.

Next up the Kodiak.


Greg said...

Can't wait to see the Kodiak, it's one impressive Gear.

I've started assembling mine, and I'm modelling the Kodiak Destroyer (sans Light Particle Accelerator, plus Heavy Bazooka). The trouble is finding the time to paint.

I'm really impressed by the pacing that you're able to keep up with these pieces.

Joe Kool said...

Thanks Greg, I'm really trying to keep the pace up as I'm really amped to get playing.

I'm kind of a painting snob, because no unpainted minis go on my game table. Especially when I'm trying to get someone interested in a game system.

A Kodiak Destroyer, I cannot wait to see what you churn out. I'm sure it'll be wonderful as always.

After I paint this old Tac Kodiak I'm gonna treat myself to one of them yummy new Blitz ones for sure. I think it'll end up being a Destroyer too.